CFC News

Our Online Registration is up and running for Fall Faith Formation Classes, and we already have 45 kids signed up!! THANK YOU to everyone who has already registered!!!  It helps us tremendously to have early registrations so we can adequately plan for materials, teachers and small group leaders.  Registration will be open all summer, but you can register your family NOW at  THANK YOU!! 

Speaking of which – – it’s never too early to make plans to help out!  We would love to have you join our mighty team in the fall for elementary, middle, or high school CFC  Classes!  If you are interested in talking about the opportunities, we’d love to hear from you!  Give us a call in the CFC Office at 920-725-0660

Planning is nearly complete for our 2022 Summer Local Mission Experience!!  We have 70 kids going!  Thank you to everyone who volunteered to chaperone – it’s so, so good to give every student that wants to go the opportunity to do so!  Please keep our students and chaperones in prayer in the coming weeks – may our hearts and minds be open, and our legs and hands sturdy and strong!  Come, Holy Spirit!  The trip begins on Sunday June 5th and goes until Wednesday June 8th.  Watch the parish Facebook page for highlights! 

Meredith Lauer,

Youth Ministry and Faith Formation Coordinator