How to schedule a Baptism

  1. Parents will attend a Baptism class that is offered per the schedule listed below. Permission to skip the class may be given if this is not the family’s first child and the parents are participating Catholics.
  2. Each couple for first time Baptisms or if they are new parishioners must meet with Deacon Tom before Baptism
  3. The parents will choose the god-parents for their child. At least one of the god-parents needs to be a Confirmed, practicing Catholic.
  4. The parents will choose a Patron Saint name for their child.
  5. Baptisms are done during any of the three Mass times on the scheduled Baptism weekend.
  6. Parents must be registered in the parish at the time of Baptism. If parents wish a Baptism in a place other than their own parish, a letter from their home Parish Pastor is required.

Upcoming Baptism Class Dates

  • Please call the Parish Office for current information 920-722-4914

Upcoming Baptism weekends

  • Please call the Parish Office for available dates and times 920-722-4914
baptism font

Why have a Patron Saint for your Child?

You will hear in the creed, when it is said at Mass, that we believe in the Communion of Saints. This means we are spiritually united with those who have died and are now in heaven. They can act as intercessors-they have the ability to assist us and pray for us. By choosing a saint’s name you acknowledge this fact and ask a particular saint to assist you in bringing up your child; the saint becomes the child’s patron- and a role model for your child.

Internet Resources to find a Patron Saint name:

  1. Catholic Saints
  2. American Catholic Saints