Scrip Tip – Spring

Let’s spring into Scrip! Our parish is helped financially by every gift card purchase you make, and it costs you nothing extra!  Just stop at the Scrip table after Mass or in the parish office during the week and purchase gift cards that you use instead of cash. We have gift cards for prescriptions and health and beauty supplies at Pick ‘n Save, Walgreens, and Walmart, for groceries at Pick n Save, Festival Foods, and Woodman’s and for dining out at Pappa’s Café, Old Grog, Olive Garden, Cheddars, and so many more!  And don’t forget Kwik Trip for gas, car washes, and convenience items!

You can generate revenue for St. Gabes with purchases you make every day.  Just think of Scrip as “substitute

money” and let the fundraising begin!  Everyone

can help to make a difference! Thank

you for using Scrip!