HOLY COMMUNION WILL BE AVAILABLE for those who wish to receive beginning the weekend of Pentecost, May 30/31. Remember, as reiterated by Bishop Ricken, that there is still no moral obligation for any Catholic to receive Communion under our current circumstances.


Pentecost is the conclusion of the 50-day Easter Season, and marks the "Birthday of the Church", when the Holy Spirit descended in power upon the disciples. It is our hope that this weekend can represent a STEP TOWARD our own re-birth and renewal in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. But it will be a long way from normal, and we urge you NOT to bring yourself to church for Communion if you are at risk, and ESPECIALLY if you are showing any symptoms of illness whatsoever.


We will publicize further details about precautions and procedures, but for now, please note the following:  Holy Communion will be offered AFTER the Saturday livestream of the Mass, approximately 5:30-6:30pm on Saturday, May 30. Another window of opportunity will be available after Bishop Ricken’s 10:30am televised Mass approximately 11:00am-12:00pm on Sunday morning, May 31.

Because the Eucharist is an integral part of our celebration of the Mass, the intent is that any person receiving Communion will have participated in a livestream or broadcast Mass before coming to Church. This is not "curbside pickup" at a restaurant!  Those attending should begin in the EAST parking lot, behind the church. Volunteers and signage will give more specific instructions as people arrive, so they can line up in preparation to enter church in limited numbers.

Those coming to Mass are expected to wear a mask, which can be moved aside after receiving Communion in the hand, in order for the communicant to consume the consecrated host. Wearing a mask - especially when going indoors with others - is an act of charity for the well-being of our neighbor, not even primarily for our own protection. Those arriving without a mask will be given one by the parish.

All participants will be expected to maintain a safe distance from others in attendance.


As you can see, this is definitely not yet a return to "normal", but we are glad to be making a temporary and intermediate step on the way to our worship as a community. One way or another, we miss you and look forward to being in touch with you soon!

Click here for a walk through of our procedure here at St. Gabriel for the distribution of Holy Communion this weekend.

Click here for a message from Bishop Ricken

Welcome Fr. Bob Kollath

Mass Times

In light of the COVID-19 situation, to help protect the health and safety of our team and our parish community, we are adjusting our office hours to:

8am-3pm - Monday through Thursday

8am-12pm  - Friday

Please postpone any visits to the parish office unless you call to arrange such a visit and to make sure someone is here. Also, continue to contact us via telephone (920-722-4914) or e-mail stgabrielparish@smcatholicschools.org


The church will be open to enable our community to pray privately before the Blessed Sacrament present in the tabernacle.    Please use the "MAIN CIRCLE DRIVE" entrance all other doors will remain locked.  

  • Monday-Friday from 7-8 AM, 12-1 PM & 5-6 PM
  • Saturdays & Sundays from 12-3 PM

Confessions will be held in the chapel, with appropriate space:

  • Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 PM
  • Saturdays from 2:00-3:00 PM

Daily Mass will resume Tuesday, June 2

  • Tuesday - 5:45 PM
  • Wednesday - Friday 8:15 AM

 Should you need anything from our team, we stand ready to assist you during this challenging time.  May the Lord be with you today and always.

Parish Mission Statement

St. Gabriel the Archangel is a welcoming Catholic Community of disciples

who encounter Jesus, joyfully and compassionately serving God's people.