Music Team

Music is a language deeper than words.  Music can help draw people closer to Christ.  It enables the faithful to participate more deeply in the sacred mysteries.

Music is an essential aspect of the liturgies at St. Gabriel Catholic Church.  Music at our church helps to express and share the gift of faith.  It is a tool to help facilitate active participation in the Mass.

Some of the music opportunities available at church include:

We have an adult choir and men’s choir that sing at various Masses and celebratory liturgies.  (First Communion, Confirmation, Holy Week) Rehearsals are frequently Monday evenings, however, practice is also held prior to the start of Mass.  So, if you can’t make it Mondays, come early to Mass and join in.  All are welcome.

We also have a funeral choir.  Anyone is welcome to help support our parish family after the loss of a loved one in celebrating the Mass of Christian Burial. Call us to get on the funeral singers email/phone list.

We have a bell choir that “ring” throughout the year and rehearse most regularly two Tuesdays a month.  They are a lot of fun.  If you can count, you can ring.

There are opportunities to share a music skill that you have without committing to one of our ensembles.  Special occasions or just occasionally you can:

Accompany a Mass with your instrument

Share a solo or duet at a youth Praise and Worship event

Sing a special song at Christmas or other Holidays (Mother’s Day/Easter)

Share the talents of your musical family

The possibilities are endless

Is the Holy Spirit calling you to share your love of music?  Are you unsure of where you can fit in with music?  Contact us, music can help elevate your soul, and guide you toward a deeper encounter with God.

Tim Laurin, Music Director

Please call (920) 722-4914 ex. 240